Exclusive: Paypolitan wants to take over TenX customers

Only recently, the crypto-financial service provider TenX, which got into difficulties due to Wirecard, announced the closure of all customer accounts. However, a buyer for former customers may have already been found in the form of Paypolitan.

The company TenX recently announced the closure of all accounts and deactivation of Visa cards. However, as BTC-ECHO has learned from an internal source, a potential buyer for the TenX customer base has already been found in Paypolitan.

According to the source, former TenX users will be able to exchange their deposits for EPAN tokens and use them within the Paypolitan platform. The possible applications include payment solutions for crypto-fiat transactions. But equally, users can also use their tokens for yield farming and staking, thereby increasing revenues.

Nils Tharandt Ortiz, CEO of Paypolitan, explained to BTC-ECHO:

‘The acquisition of TenX’s existing customers by Paypolitan would be an important contribution to our ambitious growth plans. Paypolitan should not only grow organically, but also through acquisitions.

For disappointed TenX customers, this could be an opportunity to save their deposits and have them work as passive income in yield farming, for example. Only the Visa card is to be dispensed with. In contrast to physical payment by card, Paypolitan focuses on an open banking infrastructure. As an all-in-one solution, it links classic payment functions with DeFi applications.